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by Javier Laspiur.

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Bow Lake, Canada | Jason Bourgeois

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Gladiator with the evolved Hyperion PA, combined with the evolved Eclipse PA (in case you folks didn’t know, the evolved Hyperion series changes the weapon’s hue from red to brown). The following stats are unbuffed:

- 1308 Attack

- 3159 Accuracy

- 1102 Crit Strike

(this gladiator has Slaughter toggle switched on, not that it matters too much; but their MA is at 1638)

I don’t play a gladiator, but according to a friend, these stats are pretty terrifying to face against.

I was under the impression that the IS set was always 6-slot? does evolving change that?

i don’t really know bc the only mythics i’m rocking are sauro ones lmao

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Tried to +15 my orb and failed after +14.

Then I got on my Glad, tried to +15 my pole arm, and failed after+14

I quit.. for the evening.
I’m also broke.
U suk RNG

At least I have 2 65 Aug2 pieces now


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White Northern Lights in Finland

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Arenas Beach by (Flash Parker)

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Three Sisters, Alberta, Canada | Carmen Brown